Use of

Posting data to is currently free but we will be implementing a pay as you use type price plan in the medium term. There will be plenty of warning of course and the option to export and move your data will always be there.

If you plan a large monitoring system with many tens of feeds logging at a high post rate and you have an emonpi or emonbase basestation it may be cheaper in the long run to log your data locally to an emoncms installation installed on your pi.

Recommended maximum post rate:
10s, please keep the brakes on the update rate of your sensor nodes!

Backing up your data:
To backup your energy data use the guide here Emoncms backup

One of the advantages of an open source application is that you can assess the security of the code yourself, its all up on github here:

Your data:
We will not use your data for advertisment purposes or sell it on to anyone else. You can port your data to another server and you can delete feed data permanently from the server as you require.

At present, no guarantee is given that in the event of a bug or failure no data will be lost. Or that data stored on is fully secure. We cannot be held liable for any damages caused by the use of or failure of emoncms.

Last but not least

We hope is useful for you!

We would love to hear how you use it, particularly any stories about monitoring and understanding zero carbon energy systems.

If you have any questions about the hosting feel free to get in contact: or