Use of is part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project.

Pay-per-feed Billing (Started 1st of July 2018) has a pay-per-feed model in order to fund server costs, maintenance and development.

The pay-per-feed model is £1 per feed per year. If you buy or have bought hardware from the OpenEnergyMonitor Shop your account will be credited based on a percentage of total historic order spend (following shop email verification), e.g a full EmonPi costing £153 will result in £31 (20%) of credit providing 5 years of free use for 6 feeds.

When you login to your accounts you will see account costs and balance over time shown on the My Account page.

We realise that a payment model will not work for everyone and are glad to say emoncms is fully open source and can be self-hosted, see the emoncms github repository. Our EmonPi and EmonBase energy monitors also come with emoncms pre-installed for easy local logging free of charge.

Full details can be found on our forum post here: credit can be purchased in the OpenEnergyMonitor online shop here: Credit. Enter your OpenEnergyMonitor shop email address in the 'Activate Emoncms Credit' section on your account page to access your credit.

Recommended maximum post rate:
10s, please keep the brakes on the update rate of your sensor nodes!

Backing up your data:
To backup your energy data use the guide here Emoncms backup also implements a daily data backup, you can check the status of your backup by following the steps here: check your backup data. In the event of server failure we currently expect restoration to take 3-4 days during which there may be loss of data posted during such an unplanned downtime. We will be working to improve this once billing starts.

Your data:
We will not use your data for advertisment purposes or sell it on to anyone else. You can port your data to another server and you can delete feed data permanently from the server as you require.

Privacy Policy:
Our privacy policy can be read here: Privacy Policy

If you do not agree with the terms of use or privacy policy. Please delete your account to stop using the service.

Last but not least

We hope is useful for you!

We would love to hear how you use it, particularly any stories about monitoring and understanding zero carbon energy systems.

If you have any questions about the hosting feel free to get in contact: